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People’s Development Forum (PDF) is a member-based organization composed of a governing board, secretariat, and technical advisory committee. Its staff team is composed of 38 employees and 7 volunteers from various backgrounds, including engineering, nutrition, social work, medicine, law, business development, and agronomy. Project-level teams comprise Project Coordinators and Project Officers, Project Accountants (PA), Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Officers, office assistance personnel, drivers, and volunteers. These teams are responsible for daily implementation of project activities at the office and field levels.

As part of its internal quality control framework, PDF holds regular planning and review meetings, including its annual assembly during which major decisions and the annual budget are ratified. Annual plans and budgets are divided into quarterly and monthly agendas and are shared at the field level.

Key Policies and Guidelines

PDF has in place various policies and guidelines including a Child Safeguarding Policy, Risk Management Framework, Finance and Procurement Manual, Accounting Manual, Administration and Human Resource Manual, Code of Conduct and Ethics, Gender Policy, Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Frameworks, and an Anti-Bribery Policy. These policies apply to all activities and processes associated with the organization’s operations, including administrative functions. Members of the PDF Board, Senior Management, and all Heads of Units within the organization are responsible to adhere to these policies.