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1.5 million Tanzanians live with HIV, with 65,000 new cases each year

Over 4 million Tanzanians are at risk of blindness caused by trachomaa, a neglected tropical disease

Viral hepatitis maintains a high chronic presence in the country

Under-five children across the mainland and Zanzibar suffer from malnutrition and stunting

PDF is invested in enabling Tanzanians to increase their control over—and to ultimately improve—their health. To that end, PDF has worked with a variety of international donors and leading NGOs to implement programs focused on effective, measurable, and sustainable health promotion. Interventions have included the prevention, care, and treatment of HIV/AIDs, the mitigation of Neglected Tropical Diseases such as trachoma, and the prevention, care, and treatment of viral hepatitis. PDF also has an ongoing partnership with UNICEF, working to improve the nutritional status of under-five children and their mothers in Njombe Region.