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Our Finance Department conducts all operations according to PDF’s Finance and Procurement Manual, which adheres to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). PDF uses agreements, technical assistance contracts, service contracts, and purchase orders to acquire goods and services. Bank statements are reconciled monthly and financial reports are produced quarterly. Annual financial statements are inspected by an independent auditor. Excluding for petty cash, all payments are issued through cheques after procedures for requests, review, recommendations, approval, and payment vouchers have been completed.

PDF’s Finance Department is managed by three chartered accountants and four assistants with duties to oversee and account for funds. Financial transactions are processed through the Tally ERP9 computer software which produces daily reports for crosschecking, approvals, and back-up purposes. Monthly reports are produced, signed, and filed for various uses. Revenue grants from donors are recorded in the accounting period they are received, and grants and donations are recorded separately from operational activities.

PDF maintains zero tolerance for corruption, theft, fraud, and dishonesty and is subject to an annual external financial audit.