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About Peoples’ Development Forum (PDF)

PDF Governance

People’s Development Forum (PDF) is a member-based organization. Members meets once annually during Annual General or extra ordinary meeting. It has a Board with seven members who meet once after every six months, but do meet at any time when a need arises.

The organization has a secretariat that are overseeing implementation of daily activities of the organization. Additionally, PDF has a team of 4 multidisciplinary experts who forms Technical Advisory Committee that advice the secretariat on all technical matters regularly.

PDF team is composed of qualified and experienced experts and volunteers from various background (Engineers, technicians, nutritionist, social workers, medicine, business development, agronomist, lawyers etc). PDF has a system of quality planning and controls at field, head office and partnerships levels. 

Regular planning and review meeting which involves key members of the organization are set up and operational. Major decisions and approvals of yearly plans and budgets are done in annual planning meetings. The annual plans are then split into small plans at monthly and quarterly levels including, field/project level, head office and partners planning levels.


A responsible, just and economically empowered society


To identify and address root causes of the problems facing marginalized communities through strategic approach and methodologies.


PDF is a member-based organization. Members meets once annually during Annual General or extra ordinary meeting. Read More

Where We Work

Thematic Areas of Intervention

Recent studies show that around 1.5 million Tanzanians live with HIV, with 65,000 new cases each year, over 4 million Tanzanians are at…

Communities across Tanzania are faced with little to no access to legal aid services and a lack of familiarity with their basic rights.…

PDF Promotes scalable solutions on means to strengthen access to sustainable Water Supply and improved Sanitation and hygiene facilities…

PDF adopted the INSPIRE strategy in service delivery, capacity building, systems strengthening and awareness creation in the prevention and…

Agriculture and the agro-industry continue to be the mainstay of the economy of Tanzania. It is the main source of food for the country’s…

Voter educationGood governance and rule of LawPromotion of human rights

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